Military TLA Information

Harbor Arms Apartment Hotel is a Military TLA approved Hotel in Hawaii.

What is TLA? - Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA) is a partial reimbursement of your expenses for lodging and meals when you are (PCS) permanent change of station, to Hawaii, or out of Hawaii. You are authorized TLA if you are active duty, and cannot be lodged at the BEQ / BOQ; or active duty, and report with your family, and they are command sponsored.

When you arrive, TLA usually is given in 10 day increments, based upon your family size and the type of lodging facility you stay at. It must be a TLA Approved Facility, and that is exactly what Harbor Arms Apt. Hotel is. Your allowance also depends on if the facility has an adequate kitchen which we also have.

Remember! - After arrival, you have 72 hours to report to your command to be authorized TLA.

Harbor Arms Apt. Hotel has been helping military families with their move to Hawaii for over 35 years so make a reservation today or email us with any Military TLA questions.


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Our hotel is within walking distance of activities, military historical sites, restaurants and shopping including Pearl Ridge Shopping Center, as well sporting facilities at Aloha Stadium and Waipio Soccer Complex.